XXI. Ball Tango Argentino
29th sep 2018 - Festival Wuppertal
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XXI. Ball
cat III
39 €
seats at covered tables with your
name and fully service
... see "Map of the hall"
cat II
59 €
gallery cat II
59 €
*cat I
79 €
alternative 20:30
30 €
free seating on gallery (non table)
late entrance 21:30
25 €
3 shows, 7 hours dance
late entrance 22:30
20 €
1 show, 6 hours dance

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The new workshop programme will come out in the summertime 2018

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Offers & Extras
alternative (compl. night) 20:30 (regular 30 €)
25 € for people younger than 25 years
and students (only available
for "EXTRA"
late entrance 21:30 (regular 25 €) 20 €
late entrance 22:30 (regular 20 €) 15 €
2 Workshops + alternative (complete night) 20:30
74 € Dance Package 20:30
2 Workshops + late entrance 21:30 72 € Dance Package 21:30
2 Workshops + late entrance 22:30 67 € Dance Package 22:30
Singles Extra special table for singles
Alone to the ballnight? Why not!
Table III/25 is the "Buenos-Aires-Table" and meeting point
Terms & conditions (AGB)

All seats of the catagories at the ball are at fully covered tables except the rows at the gallery (Extra). Each reserved seat gets a card with your name. Tickets will be sended by post in time or will wait for you at the evening box office. No extra charges. Tickets and informations for all other festival events you will get directly from the partner organizers ... see here

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We will keep the limit of the min. 4 couples and the maximum of 14 couples a workshop strictly. Please register as couple. Single persons can search and find in our forum "Dancepartner". If you cannot do your workshop, your payments are fully refundable if you quit by e-mail before 25.sep or offer alternative participants. You can always take part in any workshop without inscription so far the workshop is not booked. Booked workshops are marked red in the workshop list. Private lessons on demand. All workshops start in time.

The organizers take no responsibility for lost things or your personal health. To create a best possible working-atmosphere, please note, that it is not allowed to be at any workshop as simple visitor. Photos, Video- and voice tapings are only allowed after getting the permission of your teacher or workshop host. Strictly no smoking at all workshop places. Subject to modifications.

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Silvester 2017/2018

at "Rossini" in Hist. Stadthalle Wuppertal

Looking ahead

New year´s eve at "Rossini"
- 31.dec 2017

XXI. Ball Tango Argentino
- 29.sep 2018
New year´s eve at "Rossini"
- 31.dec 2018

XXII. Ball Tango Argentino
- 28.sep 2019
New year´s eve at "Rossini"
- 31.dec 2019

XXIII. Ball Tango Argentino
- 26.sep 2020
New year´s eve at "Rossini"
- 31.dec 2020

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Marianne Heide
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Marianne Heide
Krautstr. 74
42289 Wuppertal

Finanzamt: Wuppertal Barmen
Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer (VAT ID): DE307723157

Telephone: 0049 (0)202 305 857
Telefax: 0049 (0)202 305 857
Web: www.tango-tango.de
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