XX. Ball Tango Argentino
30st sep 2017
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Daniela Kizyma & Pablo Velez - Foto: Fuentes Fernandez
The Ballnight
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01st october 2016
Historische Stadthalle Wuppertal / Germany

Orquesta típica "SILBANDO XL" (FRA)
Sebastián Rossi (ARG) voice

Javier di Ciriaco (ARG) voice (special guest)

Lucila Segura & Lautaro Cancela (ARG)
Daniela Kizyma & Pablo Velez (ARG)
Alexandra Baldaque & Fernando Jorge (POR)

Jens-Ingo Brodesser (BEL) Dj clásica
Isabella & Iwan "e-longa" (DEU) Vj & Dj "Tango Flavour Lounge"

Carsten (presentation)
Culinaria (catering)
Sonoplus (sound)
Course of the day

11:30 - 18:30
Dance workshops at different rooms of the
Historic Stadthalle Wuppertal
... "Workshops"

Entrance from 18:30 on
"Expo in the Foyer"
informations, art and shopping around tango argentino
... "Expo & Culinaria"

Start - concert

the first 2 shows

followed by
Opening of the buffet
Opening of the dance in the great hall and the
second dancefloor, the "Tango Flavour Lounge"
Dance through the night with live-music and DJ

3. show


Foto right side: The concert before the ball
XIX. Ball Tango Argentino

The "XIX. Ball Tango Argentino" in the fantastic atmosphere of the great ballroom of the "Historische Stadthalle" in Wuppertal is one of largest and most popular dance evenings of its kind in Europe. It is the central event of the year for dancers and "aficionados" of the authentic Argentinian tango. The first Ball took place at Pina Bausch "Tanztheater Wuppertal" 25. anniversary in 1998.

The ballnight starts with the "Concert Tango Argentino".
The Tango orchestra has preserved the tradition of the authentic danceable tango from the golden era on the Rio de la Plata.

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The "XVII. Ball Tango Argentino" forms part of the "Int. Tango Festival Wuppertal". The festival will consist of dancenights, shows, workshops and many other events related to the Argentinian Tango. The Wuppertaler Tanztheater of Pina Bausch, many of whose members are tango fans, and the town’s pulsating dance scene have given Wuppertal a title to fame which extends far beyond the region.

Visit the historic Ballroom www.stadthalle.de

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The appearance of world-class dance couples from Argentina, who combine sensuality, elegance and breath-taking musicality, is the thrilling high point of the "Concert Tango Argentino". As from 6.30 p.m., the "Expo" in the foyer will provide information and the opportunity to buy accessories, books and CDs, etc connected with the Argentinian Tango. After the concert, the ball is open and hundreds of dancers fill the big classic "grán milonga" dancefloor. In a second room is the "Tango Flavour Lounge", a neo- and experimental Tango dancefloor and chill lounge.

On the highest point of the night an argentinian showcouple will present the late dance show.

The "Tango flavour lounge", the second dancelfoor in a parallel room of the big ballroom
The Buffet

With buffet and service: "Culinaria" the gastronomy of Historische Stadthalle

You´ll find the menue here ...
"Expo & Culinaria"
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Hist. Stadthalle 2012 - Foto: U.Faltermeier
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