XXV. Ball Tango Argentino
Grand ballroom - Hist. Stadthalle Wuppertal / Germany
Sat, 21 Sep 2024
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Sat, 21 Sep 2024

Grand ballroom, Historic Stadthalle Wuppertal / GER

After the ballnights had to be cancelled during the ugly time, we celebrated very nice nights in the smaller Mendelssohn hall of the Stadthalle in 2022 and 2023. For the upcoming ballnight in 2024 we plan to dance again in our traditional big ballroom of the Historic Stadthalle with foyer and the other halls.
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video ballroom - Paula Duarte & Michael Nadtochi

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There are tickets with concert and a place at the beautifully set table with service or you can come after the concert and dance the night away with the dance ticket.

There are two dance floors in two halls; in the big hall with strictly traditional tango and the "Tango Flavour Lounge" with experimental tango right next door ... pictures from the "Flavour Lounge"

In the large garden hall there is a rich buffet and in the foyer is the champagne bar right next to the market of beautiful things ... see Market & Culinaria

Traditional Tango grand ballroom ... more photos
25 Jahre Tango Tango Wuppertal
The "Ball Tango Argentino" was first held in 1998 as part of the 25th stage anniversary of the Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch. See also ... History

The historic city hall Wuppertal with its large ballroom is from 1900 ... www.stadthalle.de

"Tango Flavour Lounge" the second floor ... more photos

Orchestras, DJs, shows & teachers
Soon you can find here the list of our guest artists from around the world for 2024

11:30 till 18:30
Dance workshops ... see Workshops

from 18:30
Admission with champagne bar and market of beautiful things in the foyer; Information, art, dance shoes and fashion around the Tango Argentino ... Market

Start concert

First show
followed by opening buffet and dancing

Second show with "Ronda de Maestros" of the festival

Last Tango

... go on for "questions & answers"
... go on for the "Festival programme"
The Buffet

The night with buffet and service
"Culinaria", the catering service of the Historische Stadthalle, serves you at the table and prepares a buffet in the large garden hall. In the foyer next to the market of beautiful things is the bar.

The food and drink offer with prices here ... Market
... info
Singles table

Alone for the ball night? Yes, of course!

The central table III 25 is the "Buenos Aires Table"
and meeting place for dancers (currently booked).

Are you looking for a partner for the ballnight or a
workshop? Write me, I am looking forward to connect you.


31 Dec 2023 - New Year´s Eve at "Rossini"

21 Sep 2024
- XXV. Ball Tango Argentino
logo Tango Wuppertal31 Dec 2024
- New Year´s Eve at "Rossini"

20 Sep 2025
- XXVI. Ball Tango Argentino
31 Dec 2025
- New Year´s Eve at "Rossini"

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New Year's Eve

We celebrate traditionally the New Year's Eve in the
"Rossini" of the Hist. Stadthalle Wuppertal

... continue with the New Year's Eve program

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Hist. Stadthalle - photo: W.Vestjens
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